Doggy Dooty Promotions

Pomeranian dog rolling over in clean grass yard because of Kurt's Doggy Dooty clean up services

Doggy Dooty Promotions for Kurt’s Doggy Dooty change throughout the year.

See what promotions are available and call us to schedule!


Commitment Promotion for Current Customers

Mention this doggy dooty promotion and get a 10% discount, when you pre-pay 12 months of weekly dog clean up service. Get a 5% discount when you pre-pay 6 months of weekly service.

Doggy Dooty Referral

Refer a friend or family member and receive a $25 credit towards your next service. To receive the referral credit you must currently be a customer.

Senior Citizens and Veterans

10% discount to senior citizens and veterans for Doggy Dooty Services.

*Promotions cannot be combined.


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